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Removals 101: How to Pack the Bathroom
04 November 2014
Moving houses can be a real pain – especially if you do it chaotically. Believe it or not, planning things ahead of time can really mean a big deal and it can save you from a lot of trouble later on. You may think that you are wasting time by simply sitting down and planning things, but the truth is that you will really make things easier. Very often, people leave the bathroom to the last moment – and that’s not exactly the best thing to do. Although there are generally fewer items in the bathroom, they do deserve your attention and time as well. How to you pack your bathroom? We’ve gathered the very best tips from the pros. Continue reading and find out more. 1.    First of all, get rid of all the things you will not want to take away with you. Take a look at all the meds in your medicine chest and pay attention to their expiration date. It is quite likely that you will find lots of them that are way past that date – toss them away. Aside from those that are expired, there will also be meds you won’t be able to read the label of or that simply look odd – toss those away as well. Bear in mind the fact that you should not flush them down the toilet and or down the drain because they can cause serious environmental damage. Get them to your local household hazardous waste facility instead!Next, get rid of all the empty and half-empty bottles (shampoo, conditioner and so on). Take a look at the expiration date of these products as well (yes, shampoos do expire too!). Your toilet brushes, toothbrushes, used soap bars, the pieces of cloth and the sponges you use to clean the bathroom should also go into the go away. Essentially, you should only keep expensive products and items you will not want to throw away. 2.    Pack all the cleaning products separately. Make sure the lids are properly sealed and place them in a completely separate box. The medicines should also be placed in a smaller box, separately from everything else. Shampoos and other similar products should be placed in a small box too. In order to make sure these boxes don’t get lost during the removals, make sure to put them in a larger box (but do pay attention to how you do this, so that they don’t spill and “contaminate” each other in any way). Also, the large box should not weigh more than approximately 30 pounds – you don’t want to risk having it broken because its contents are too heavy. 3.    If you have any glass jars or bottles that may break during the removals, remember to use bubble wrap or packing popcorn to protect them from the accidents. 4.    Brushes, makeup and other grooming products can be transported in small bags. If you don’t want them to break during the removals, remember to use bubble wrap around them as well. 5.    Use old towels and pieces of cloth to line the inside of the bigger box. This way, you will avoid the boxes hitting into each other and breaking what’s inside of them. Also, keep in mind that the top of the box should be well-lined too. 6.    Ideally, you should start packing everything as early as possible. Since you may still need to use bathroom items even on the day of your moving, you may have to keep some of them around (stick to the basics though: soap, shampoo, a hair brush and so on).

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